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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Homemade Potato Chips 2 ways

Due to the Co-Op we have had an abundance of potatoes. My kids don't really like potatoes (I know, I know) so I rarely have purchases them.  But now, they come in the produce basket!  Anyway, I was on Pinterest and found this recipe for baked potato chips and decided to try it!
I found both boys were able to use the mandolin easily!

They also enjoyed "painting" on the olive oil.

Well, as yummy as these were the first day, they really didn't keep crispy for long.  So, we attempted another way, pan frying.  I used vegetable oil and topped with a bit of salt.  These were very easy, and apparently they liked them, because the batch I made in the afternoon for dinner was eaten up before we had dinner, causing a different batch to be made :/.

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