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Friday, May 11, 2012

End of the School Year Activities

Fun End of School Year Activities for Students

It's the last month of the school year and summer is right around the corner. You've done an excellent job teaching and your students have made great strides in their learning and development. While the classes are winding down and your students may be anxious for the free time in the summer break ahead, there is still more learning to be accomplished before the term comes to an end.  Moms can also do these activities with their children.
Below are some fun end of the school year activities for students. Hopefully you can integrate some of these activities in your classroom. If you are interested in furthering your education, or are seeking to get a teaching credential, see California Teaching Credential.


  • End-of-Schoolyear Letter: Have your students write a letter covering such topics as what they learned the past year, the things they liked (and didn't like) about kindergarten, advice that they would give for future kindergarten students, and what they hope for when they enter first grade in the upcoming year.
  • Balloon Activity: Write a summertime activity on a strip of paper, roll it up, slip it into a balloon, and inflate and tie the balloon. Have each student choose a balloon, pop it, and then have them pantomime the activity from the paper strip. Other students try to guess the activity. Some ideas to write on the strips include going to camp, playing sports, going swimming, traveling, having a cook-out, and lighting fireworks.
  • Memory Book: This is an easy and fun way to detail memories from the year. Have your students write memories from the past year. Incorporate artifacts used in class activities. On the front of the book place a class photo.
  • Vacation Calender: Have the students make a calender for activities to do in summer months. Have them choose easy and fun activities to do, such as coloring in a book, counting stars in the sky, or write a thank you letter to your parents.
  • Field Trip: Go on a fun outing to such places as a zoo or aquarium, a local park or nature center, or museum.
  • Kindergarten Olympics: Have your students participate in interesting and fun sporting events, such as potato sack races, tug of war, and obstacle courses.
  • Picture show: Compile some memorable photos that you took over the previous year and make a slide show with musical accompaniment. This activity could be done in class or at a graduation ceremony.
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