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Friday, May 18, 2012

Book Review: Same Kind of Different as Me

A friend wanted me to read this book, she told me several times I needed to read it, and I put it off for months.  Once I finally cracked the cover, it took me less then 2 days to devour this amazing true story of what can happen when people act out of obedience to God, and all the glory God can be given from it.  Ron Hall and Denver Moore have collaborated to tell a beautiful story honoring a wonderful woman.

Not only is this story an interesting history lesson about culture in the south, it is an inspiring, honest and raw story about how sacrifice and obedience lead to blessing.

I would highly suggest putting this on your summer reading list!


  1. I've just been told in the past few months that I needed to read this book... I guess your post confirmed it! Thanks, Beth.

  2. I read this book when I was back at Baylor and it was terrific! Glad you enjoyed!