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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

CWW: The new 50

This time of year our coaches are in recruiting mode. I realize the majority of people think that after football season is over coaches sit around and play video games, but the reality is, they have more on their plate in the "off season" then "in season". Preparation for the fall with travel, budgets, equipment inventory, refurbishing, purchases, camp packs, retention meetings, re-writing the play book....again, prep for spring ball, and this year we can add on to that being short a coach, a campus in complete chaos with the turn over of another president, faculty planning to strike in response, favorite faculty leaving and so on and so on.

In the midst of all the chaos our coaches need to do one of the most important things for our team, bring in new players. So, how do you convince a family that your team, your college is the place for them? First, you pray about it. Then you contact coaches who understand what you are trying to do as a staff and you as them for kids they think would help you along. You reach out to alum, current guys on the team, admissions helps, and you pray. You call a player, you speak honestly, specifically, and encouraging them all the way, and in the end, you get about 50 commits from a group of over 2000 names.

Those 50 will shape the personality of the team for the next season. Those 50 will cause us new joys, new frustrations, and new bewilderment. Those 50 will create a legacy specific to themselves, specific for their time on our team. They will be shaped largely by the choices they make (or don't make) and how their personalities combine with the 75 already present. The new 50 don't yet realize what they are entering into, and so we pray for them!

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