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Friday, April 20, 2012

Book Review:Girl Meets God

This was my first read by author Lauren Winner, and I loved it. Written in 2002 the author takes the reader through a year of her life as she comes to understand the path her life has taken. Winner, born to a protestant mother and Jewish father spends her life pursuing God, first practicing Judaism, even converting to orthodox Judaism, then becoming a Christian. Winner gives incredible insight into the holidays the Torah presents, different comparisons between Christian thought and Jewish thought, and her own conversations with God.

I appreciated Winner's honesty as a single woman, sharing her struggles and frustrations, along with the way she brings the reader along her learning process. I believe I an confidently state that this author and I are opposites on the theological spectrum and probably have very little we would agree on, yet I still was able to appreciate her journey and learn a bit from it.

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