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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Book Review: What a Son Needs From His Dad

Michael A O'Donnell has written a wonderful, simple book outline some of the basics of fatherhood in the book What a Son Needs From His Dad How a Man prepares His Sons for Life.

I had my husband read this book, and then I read it as well. I was curious to see if our comments would be the same, and for the most part they were. O'Donnell writes this book in a very clear basic way. He leaves little room for conversation on the points about fatherhood, and yet he also gives such clear discussion points regarding how he has developed the points of fatherhood mentioned there isn't really need to question whether his statements have merit, it becomes about figuring out how to apply the principles to parenthood.

O'Donnell brings the father through all the stages of development where the son is concerned beginning with birth through late adult stages. Each stage is addressed as it should be, with steps specific to aiding in development for that stage.

O'Donnell not only talks about stage development, but about different fathering styles and how they can effect sons. As a mother of sons I appreciated this as it encourages the father to look at their actions and possibly adjust for the betterment of their sons, not themselves.

The end of each chapter had points of application where applicable, and also points of discussion.

I found this book to be a wonderful basic book that would be encouraging to any new father to read, or also a father looking to parent in a more biblical based way.

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