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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CWW: That's What coaching families do

Regardless of your opinions of the Penn State situation this fall one thing is for certain, Joe Paterno was an incredibly successful coach who left a lifetime impact on his players. I think this is the goal of any coach, to impact players for a lifetime, not just on the field. This article came out this week and was highlighted on the American Football Coach's Wives Association page.

I have pulled out a few of the quotes I liked best. I wanted to preface these quotes by reminding you the reader that Sue Paterno was not on the college's pay roll. Her actions and services to the team were done because that is what coaching families do. I'm sure there were many other things Mrs. Paterno could have done besides tutoring players, raising money, baking for the masses and attending football games week after week after week, and yet she chose to stand by her husband and do what needed to be done along side him. Not only did she work tirelessly for her team, she did so under the scrutiny of the public eye. Sue Paterno has left a legacy at Penn State along with her husband, because that's what coaching families do.

"She served as a host to potential recruits at the family home, a tutor to players, a counselor to concerned parents who entrusted their football-playing sons to her husband, and a prodigious fundraiser for the university and charitable organizations."

“For my dad, he never doubted my mother,’’ their son Jay said at Thursday’s memorial service for his father. “My mother had it all and continues to have it all. He could do his job and we could share him with Penn State because he knew my mother was in complete command on the home front.’’

"Besides tutoring players and helping to counsel players’ parents, Sue Paterno was a prodigious fundraiser for the university library that bears the family’s name"

"Sue Paterno baked spreads of cookies and desserts when the family hosted recruiting visits. Current and former players still rave about them."

"Sue Paterno was constantly at her husband’s side, Scott Paterno said."

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