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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Book Review: When I Lay My Isaac Down

Carol Kent is one of my all time favorite mentoring authors. I had heard awhile back about a family situation and really hadn't put much thought towards things. We all have tough things that happen in our lives and we get to choose how we respond in them. Kent chose to continue to honor God through her hardest life struggle and humbly put her life lessons learned into this AMAZING book.

I got this book when it was offered free from amazon Kindle, but hadn't read it until this past Christmas. Part of the reason this book probably resonated with me so solidly is that it coincided with a desire to put into practice the words of fully embracing the path God has created for my life.

Kent is the mother to one son, a model child who was recently married, and about to being a naval career. This is the story of the decision that son made to murder another man and how the parents began to pick up the pieces of a broken life, ministry, and child.

Kent does an amazing job of giving a full picture from her perspective and that of people around her during the 3 1/2 year process of responding to a family crisis most of us will never experience. What I most appreciated is that Kent does not use this platform to proclaim her son's innocence or write out all the reasons she was "wronged". Kent acknowledges what has occurred, gives the reader the answers to all the questions that run through a mind when hearing of a tragedy such as this, and then gives clear answers on ways she mourned. She continues with answers to how she came out of her darkest hour and chose to walk forward down the path of life before her, praising God, choosing to see how this can be use to glorify God. Over all, I would suggest this book, and encourage the reader to reflect on how they too can follow in this example in their own lives.

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