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Monday, November 21, 2011

Meal Planning Monday

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Monday: Ravioli and Broccoli

Tuesday: Quesadillas and chips and fruit and veggies

Wednesday: pancakes, eggs, bacon

Thanksgiving and Leftovers :)

So, I know this sounds a bit insane, but I'm not exactly sure what I'm making for Thanksgiving. At the point of writing this post I have a turkey thawing in the fridge. I plan to make Roasted Basmati Rice at the request of my family. Additionally I have veggies in the freezer to make a side dish and Market Day pies for dessert. I'm waiting for a final count of football players who will be attending before I decide which other sides I will attempt, the list of possibilities:

Sweet potato casserole

Since we are 3 days from the end of a pretty long and emotional football season I'm taking the focus off the meal and on the opportunity to have some time as a family just being together.

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