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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CWW: Wives Chapel

This past Wednesday the staff wives all participated in a Q&A panel for the team. We all were given the opportunity to answer some pre-arranged questions from the team about women. It was REALLY fun. The questions were read out by my husband, so they were pretty specific and covered a range of areas. We answered questions such as how do you approach a girl? What is a characteristic men should strive for? Do girls look at guys the same way guys look at girls?

My answer to how to approach a girl...go alone, face to face, look her in the eye and say hi. NO ONE believed that would work! Oh my they still have a ways to go. :)

We all were given the opportunity to answer the questions as throughly as we desired and tried to be really honest but also make them laugh.

The guys were GREAT. They mostly sat silently with their mouths open, they asked for clarification when needed, they did teased our husbands appropriately, over all it was a great experience I hope to repeat on a semester to semester basis.

At one point I looked to the back where the coaches were and saw them all taking notes... I guess we never fully figure out the opposite gender!

I consider it a huge honor to be able to take some time to encourage our team that they are on the right track in some areas and need to develop in some others. My prayer is that this panel will be a huge spring board for future discussions.

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