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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CWW: The Victory Bowl

This weekend our team who started the season 0-3 and ended 7-3 had the opportunity to participate in the Victory Bowl. We competed against Campbellsville University in KY, and NAIA school. Leading up to this game all season my husband has lead our team week after week onto the field with a confidence I think only he had. When depending on 18-22 year old boys to respond intensely week after week it's really a gamble. This generation has a hard time self motivating, simply because they haven't had to do much of it. They have walked through life with cheerleaders by their side encouraging them and frankly even stepping in and doing things for them. Well, that doesn't get to happen on the athletic field and it's a challenge to learn to self motivate at 18. Leading a college team now days takes a skill set I do not have, a confidence I haven't been able to muster, but one that I am SO happy to support!!! We won a few games in the last seconds, others a bit more easily, but regardless, we look at the beginning of the season and as a group, including our players we know that as the year went on we got better and better, and we all want those first few games back. Not that we are sure the outcome would be different, but because our team learned to put their best effort forward as the season went on. At 0-3 they didn't quit, they worked harder, watched more film, lifted more, and stayed focused.

The Victory Bowl is a very cool experience, it the true celebration of Biblical Football the team members from the 2 teams spend most of Friday working on service projects throughout the community. Some groups spoke in classrooms at the local Jr. High on character, others visited the nursing homes, there were some groups that did some physical labor, but the point is the teams do this together. Friday night there is a banquet where again, the teams sit together. Each coach spoke a bit (as seen in these pictures) and then there was a speaker from FCA. At the end of the game both teams meet in the middle for prayer.

It's a really cool experience, one I wish could be repeated more frequently. Not in the bowl sense, but in the service sense.

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