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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

CWW: post season

Last week the boys were a little off. It was interesting to observe them transition to daddy being around more. My husband was able to be home in time for dinner all week. What was funny was that when he would walk in the door the boys would say "no practice today?" It wasn't that they weren't excited to see him, but daddy being home alters the afternoon/dinner routine. We have less space to move around in, our timing is different, and although we love having daddy around, there is always the adjustment period of finding the "new normal" routine.

One thing that helps a ton is that this time of year falls into the holidays, so we're all a bit off our schedules regardless of who is and isn't around.

My role in these times is actually to become a bit of a wall flower, to let them work out space and encroachment issues together and make sure the things that need to get done still get done.
Soon enough daddy will be off recruiting and missing dinners again. I'm hoping as the boys get older they will cherish these few days of family time and be a bit more tolerant of their schedules changing up...again.

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