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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Coach's World Wednesday: The Coach's Kid

Oh the life of a coac
h's kid. These pictures were taken on game day, on the most exciting and stressful game of the whole season. As you can see, they were really into it...

My boys 6 1/2 and almost 5 spent 90% of the game off to the side of the stands under the athletic trainer's table ignoring the game. When we would cheer my older son would ask "are we still winning?" The other 10% was spend complaining to me about being hungry, hot or bored. I can't really blame them, we've been attending games or practice now for a solid 2 months. They don't really have the attention span to learn about the game, so unless we are kicking or near the end zone they just don't care. There are a few things they do care about:
1) If a player gets hurt my 2 are the first to pray for him and ask if he needs to go to the hospital.

2) If we are at an away game they LOVE riding the bus home with the guys and stealing slices of pizza from everyone. In fact, I'm no longer allowed to pack them dinner for fear they won't get pizza.
3) They LOVE office time with Daddy.

4) They love Thursday nights when we have "BBQ's" or players for dinner. Often they are ready with Go Fish cards to play during dessert.
5) They LOVE wearing our college colors and telling people what their weekends were about.

The fall is a really fun time of year. We hear other families spend weekends at the pumpkin patch, apple picking, attending weddings and birthday parties, going on vacations for long weekends...we miss all that or it gets tacked on to a game. For us, we enter into this really fun time of focusing on Daddy and "the team". We often have conversations about how bummed we are to miss other events, but when pressed, my kids already come around to saying they would rather go to the game.

Some day they will realize how special their times were, I also expect at some point they will choose other events outside of the game. So instead of feeling guilty I am going to just enjoy the times we have traveling, even if they ignore the real reason we're there! :)

ps-this picture was taken at the Mall of America this wee
kend, our team played in the Metrodome...just a perk of being a coach's kid! :)

1 comment:

  1. I love this post... such a huge part of parenting is continually reminding our kids (and ourselves) that we must choose to be others-centered, isn't it? Such a hard challenge... for the teacher and the student and the student-teacher (us).