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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CWW: the wall

Well, it happens every season, I hit a wall. The wall that makes me feel exhausted. The wall that makes me not want to travel to the game this weekend. The wall that makes me just go through the motions when feeding yet another group for a Thursday. The wall that makes it hard to focus on even small talk about the game or practice. Oh, I've hit the wall.

Even though I've hit my wall I can't stop. Guilt is partly what keeps me going. We have been having groups of 10 or so over every week and we're not even half way and the season is more then half way over. My goal is to be done before Thanksgiving. Duty keeps me going. I don't want to quit something that's been started. Commitment keeps me going. We ask our players to sacrifice time, energy and emotion for the team, the least I can do is follow through on my commitment to them. The other thing that keeps me going is truly realizing that leadership by example is the most effective teaching tool. These players heard us say we would have them in our homes. Their parents heard us say they would have a cheering section even at away games, I said that I would love on these guys the way I hope my boys will some day be loved on. So, we push through. We try our hardest to cheer, encourage and welcome, and in the act of going through the motions a renewed energy usually appears. We have 4 more tough weeks ahead of us, and then we begin the process of preparing for next season. It's weeks like this where taking it one day at a time is valuable, where one conversation at a time, one encouraging word at a time, one meal at a time. We'll make it, we always do, but oh, that wall is here!

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