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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Coach's World Wednesday: The Sideline

JV Listening to coach
post game varsity (my 4 year old holding his daddy's leg)
encouraging high five
post game JV.

This year I have been given an extra opportunity to serve our team. A really high quality camera was purchased and I have been given full use of the camera to document my point of view at games and practices. With media becoming what it is, we have taken thousands of pictures and posted them to our team Facebook page as a way to continue to engage our families and friends who are far away. I work very hard to make both sides of the ball look good in practice. I also try to shoot the whole team. It has been fun to see players take my pictures and post them as their profile pictures and also to read the comments from people who are so excited to see their son in action.

Last week I shot the JV football game. Normally during a game I'm off to the side of the stands trying to keep my comments brief and mingling with parents. This week I was on the side lines with the coaches and players. It's been several years since I walked a sideline, not since my athletic training days, and I had forgotten how different the game is. Seeing the eyes of the players in their helmets, hearing their comments while running off the field, listening to coaches encourage and correct. I walked away proud that our team is the same on our blog, from the sideline and from the view in the stands.

I was once again reminded that a sideline can be the difference between a win and a loss, a good experience and a bad experience, a place to encourage or discourage. Regardless of the sport, if you have a child competing take some time to observe their sideline personality!

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