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Friday, September 23, 2011

Book Review: One Thousand Gifts

I had this book on my "must read" list all summer. I was so excited to borrow it from a friend that I was actually surprised at how long it took me to engage in reading it.

Over all, this was a great book I gleaned A LOT of thought provoking conversations with God for the future. I really appreciated her premise, and the heart with which author Voskamp writes is amazing. Her writing style is not one I am used to, and I found myself reading over and over again to figure out the context of where her steam of conscious began. I found that reading this book in large chunks was helpful in tracking along with subject to subject instead of a few pages here or there.

Voskamp is incredibly vulnerable on these pages sharing her deepest aches and hardest memories. I so appreciated this because her vulerablility allows the reader to truly understand where her desire to give God 1000 praises is rooted. I fully agree with her premise that we must be able to praise God for daily things, small things, even when there is a cloud hanging over us. I also appreciated how Voskamp brings the reader through her learning to converse with God.

Over all, I loved this book, and would suggest it as a good read. Not really a small group book, but perhaps would work for a book club.

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