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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week in Review: Oh the hats we wear

I was chatting with a coach today while being asked to do a "quick favor" and realized that I was flinching. Not because I didn't want to help, but because the phrase "quick favor" has created some unique roles for me this week. And so, I present my week in review:

Sunday: took 120 football players and staff to a church, enjoyed a wonderful lunch with them. Spent the afternoon sorting and purging toys and papers.

Hosted 2 extra college students while trying to get them into their housing.

Monday: kid 1 to school, photography lesson during practice to learn how to shoot action shots, lunch, met w/student, freezer cooking, edit, edit, edit, burn cd for team, blog work, finished book for review, organized paperwork for Bible study starting Wed, dinner with team.

Tuesday: kid 1 to school, work all day, bills, check book balance, got extra students into housing, dinner with team at local church

Wednesday: kid 1 to school, hosted Bible Study brunch for 23 women in my house, lunch w/friend, finished book for review, blog, 100 degrees so brought slurpees out to practice for athletic trainers and support staff, shot practice, dinner with team

Thursday; kid 1 to school, grocery shop, work all day, dinner with team

Friday: kid 1 to school, kid 2 to class orientation, out for special lunch w/kid 2, acquired loads of rescue hero vehicles, purged house of "baby toys" and broken toys, last minute items for kid 2 school to start Monday (finally!), edit media guide

Saturday: clean house, scrimmage away (travel to STL), Trader Joe's stop :)

Sunday: day of rest and rest we will!!! B-day party for friend

hats worn this week: wife, mom, housekeeper, chef, personal shopper, editor, head hunter, Realtor, photographer, counselor, encourager, BFPC (my job), CFO, hotel manager, chauffeur, hostess, secretary

Now, I know most moms wear most of these hats every day, so I'm not saying I'm doing anything out of the ordinary, just realizing how much can be crammed into a week!

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