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Friday, August 19, 2011

Decorative flower for embellishment

Begin by cutting circles of all sizes (they don't have to be perfect) then gently burn the edges.
Next, take a satin piece about 1 inch thick. Twist strip so that is curls, the glue one end to cardboard. Once secure wind and glue twisted strip. Don't worry about fringe ends.
After rosette center is done and all layers have burned edges start with largest layers and glue each layer in descending order to the previous one.

After all layers (as many or few as you like) are glued add rosette to center. You can put a pin or clip on the back. Mine is on my purse. But this would make a cute hair clip, addition to a shirt or purse. We also discussed making a few little ones and putting them in a row on a barrette or as part of a head band. A few ladies also added some pretty pearls for embellishment.
All but finished product photo take by JS Foto who is awesome!!

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