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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Coach's World Wednesday: It's more then a game...

Well, another season is off and running. We survived the 100 degree weather, trips to the ER with dehydrated players, only seeing Daddy for dinner and sharing that time with the team, and all the other stresses that August bring.

For those of you unaware of all that goes into pre-season camp, every evening after dinner and position meetings our team would get together for a team meeting. This time was used for vision casting, prayer, worship and laying the foundation of what our team is really about. This year I started something new. Every night at dinner I would as my husband what that topic for the evening was. I would head home, get the boys to bed and take some time to pray for my husband and the team and the subject for the evening. (He's the one talking in this picture).

One of the cool things I witnessed this year was people quoting my husband. Whether through facebook status, or conversations on the field players would repeat what they had been taught. Our team is choosing to receive these talks, implement them into their lives on and off the field, and it's AWESOME!

These team talks will continue as the year goes on, the whole year. If you are a parent who has an opportunity to encourage your child to participate in a college sport consider this...coaches take the time to build their teams up on AND off the field. My husband puts A LOT of time into these talks. He strives to make them relevant, memorable, and most importantly applicable in life. He prays over the subjects, researches, discusses and always strives to have an excellent talk. Regardless of what your child learns on the field, these times will become part of their memories.

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