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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sometimes you need to move backward in order to move forward

Well, I caved and got an iphone. Through AT&T I was able to get it for next to nothing and it took me seconds to be completely hooked! I've taken to scanning the App store for new free apps once a week and have found some fun games to entertain my boys and myself! My new favorite app is UNBLOCK ME (free version). If you have a chance to check out the app or download it I would suggest it with the warning that it can be a bit addictive! Here are a few thoughts I have been pondering about this game.

1) There is always a solution right in front of you. The rules never change, and they are very simple. Horizontal blocks move horizontally, vertical blocks move vertically, and you need to get the red block to the exit (which is always in the same place!)

2) Just because the solution is right in front of you does NOT mean it will be simple.

3) Often times the solution to moving the block forward towards the exit is to actually move the block backward, away from the goal first.

4) While the red block is set backward there is usually a lot of strategic moves that need to be made to create the perfect path to move that red block to the exit.

5) There is always a solution.

6) Every solution creates a feeling of victory for me.

7) Each puzzle is more challenging then the last, and yet the rules and goals are the same.

8) Each puzzle has required me at some point to stop, sit back and gain new perspective.

Does my description sound like anything else? Life perhaps? We are so often told that we need to always be moving forward, don't look back, regrets are for weaklings. Moving forward requires learning from our mistakes and changing our outcome. Personally, I have found that spending some time reflecting back can be helpful in gaining perspective to move forward. Just a thought!

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