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Friday, July 15, 2011

Book Review: 31 Days to Clean

This book has become a large topic of chatter on many of the blogs I read. After reading my friend Steph's comments about this book I knew I still wanted to read it, but figured I should take her approach and read through it first. SO, I read the book with 2 sheets of legal paper next to me and made lists. (Yes I'm a nerd). The first list was the Martha tasks suggested at the end of each chapter. The second list was the Mary tasks and all other quotes I gleaned while reading. The second list was twice as long as the first.

I really liked this book. I actually skimmed through it in an afternoon and went back and reviewed certain chapters over the next week. I liked her flow with the cleaning and felt that her suggestions were completely doable for daily tasks. The only thing I didn't like is that I am guessing by the the time you get to #30 on the list you may feel the need to go back and redo #2. (just an example). Now that I have the list all written out and the author helpfully divided each by rooms I think I may just take a day and work through each room. (After the kids are back in school :))

The Mary parts of this book were great for me. If you haven't figured out I'm more on the Martha spectrum, so being reminded there is a whole different perspective on things is always good. Taking 10 minutes a day to regroup on the "big picture", staying focused on just 6 things a day to work towards and working towards having the fruits of the spirit most evident in our house are great challenges I am excited to implement now.

I think this book is a great resource for any wife/mom trying to turn home or "pit stop" into a haven where people can feel relaxed, welcomed and over all rested.

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