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Monday, June 13, 2011

What does YOUR summer look like?

This is our first summer with kids that we don't have to rush home for nap time by 1pm. It's also the first summer we don't have to have a stroller. I have to say, it's opened up a whole new world! We have been able to experiencing swimming all afternoon, going to the zoo for the whole day, and a real need for...STRUCTURE! :)

School ended on a Wednesday and by Saturday I had figured out that suggesting "head outside and play", "read a book", "build a train track" was going to get old very fast. So, in an effort to keep our whole family sane, I have instituted a bit of a structure day.

June: M-TH Tennis lessons 9-10am
T/TH-volleyball lessons 1-2
10-11:30 bridge work book, Awana memory verses, reading (they read to me, I read to them), sight words
11:30 lunch (this is 45 minutes later then my oldest eats at school and has been a stretch for him, so sometimes theres a 10am snack)

After lunch: free play until either 1pm "rest time" or an activity

Activities include errands, swimming, play dates with friends or whatever else pops up

after "rest time" which is when they can sleep or watch a movie the Wii is allowed to come on, or DS.

Thankfully Daddy has been able to be home earlier and so before dinner or after dinner becomes time for basketball, park, riding bikes and burning energy for bed.

Fridays are reserved for "family cleaning" I've put the boys in charge of cleaning the bathrooms since they are the ones who refuse to pee in the toilet. Additionally they help with weeding, watering plants, changing their sheets, putting away laundry, dusting, sweeping etc.

Now, please do not think I'm sticking to this schedule hard core, we have left from tennis, lunched with friends and done "school" after rest time. But here's the point, my kids function better with a set plan and tasks. I shouldn't surprised, I function better that way as well. :)

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