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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Responding after a storm

Here in the midwest we have had some major weather. This last storm that rolled in built up some steam around midnight. We had watched the news and determined that there would be no tornado, so we went to sleep. Sure enough, the storm entered fiercely with the loudest thunder I have ever heard. I shot up in bed just in time to hear the tornado siren go off. The storm ran it's course and I had fallen back asleep when there was yet again an incredibly loud clap of thunder. This was followed by a fire engine parking in front of our house. Our neighbors house had a tree limb fall on it causing wires to snap and sparks to fly. No one was hurt and by morning there was barely a sign that we had even had rain come through let alone fire trucks.

The morning was a beautiful one, sunny, a nice breeze, and as I drove with the boys out of town the thought crossed my mind that it felt a little strange to be running errands. It was as if we hadn't given the storm the respect it deserved, we didn't even pause to acknowledge it, just plowing ahead.

The more those thoughts ran through my head the more I realized that we treat our spiritual storms the same way. We are so determined to get through our spiritual storms we grit our teeth and plow through. We ask for help in an emergency, but otherwise our only goal is the ride things out. After a storm we breathe a big sigh of relieve, send up thanks for it surviving it and we move forward. We might mention the storm in passing, we might even acknowledge it was a bit scary, but DO WE PAUSE TO REFLECT on what we were meant to learn?

If you speak to anyone who has taken the time to lean into God during a storm you will most likely hear a version of this "I am so much closer to God and have learned so much more about myself, Him and my relationship with Him. I'm thankful I'm past this storm, but I'm also glad I went thorough it". I'm striving to always be thankful that God carries me through storms. This isn't to say I'm there, but that I'm trying to get there.

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