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Thursday, June 23, 2011

10 years!

Today we celebrate 10 years of marriage! I have to say, although I'm not exactly surprised that this past 10 years has gone this way, I still pause and am surprised at how quickly life passes by. When we married I predicted we'd spend time living in the middle of a corn field (which we do) but thought it would be in Indiana. I thought we would have a son (we have 2) but was SURE we'd have a girl (nope!) I knew my husband would be a successful college football coach (which he is) but honestly there are still times I feel like we are way to young for him to be the head coach (wishful thinking? :)). I thought we would have moved more, I thought we would live in a city, I thought I would have a masters degree by now.

When I think about all that I assumed, I realize I was young and dreaming and naive. I can look back at these 10 years and say I'm so grateful to have this life, surprises and all. I'm grateful that my husband and I hang our hats on something bigger then a wish or a dream and that we are content in knowing our future is known by God and that's enough. I've stopped guessing what the future holds for us, it's to hard, but I'm excited to see where this adventure leads us, and I'm SO thankful I get the chance to walk this path with my best friend.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations! Ah, yes, the realization that the story God is writing in your life is not necessarily the story you would have written... May His grace continue to rest upon you and POUR FORTH from you. He is using the two of you in big, big ways. Hugs.