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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week in Review

Is it weird that the week when I'm HOSTING Thanksgiving dinner is one of the LEAST crazy weeks of the fall? :)

Last week was our first official post season week. Coach was wrapping up team stuff and handing out awards (and receiving one as well! :)) The team also worked on building a playhouse to be auctioned off for Habitat for Humanity. Here on the home stead we've been enjoying a few more hours with Daddy and I've been enjoying kid free errands and catch up with girlfriends and doing a few crafts. Really, last week was uneventful. This week:

Monday: Had 8-3 ALONE!!! (Thanks Steph!) and got to the bulk of my "post season/pre-holiday cleaning" including Murphy's Oil soaping the cabinets and shop vacing the basement. (glamorus huh?)

Tuesday: Recovering/finishing cleaning, last minute grocery shopping.

Wednesday: working the whole day (Heaven help me) in the Kindergarden classroom for Thanksgiving feast

Thursday: cooking, eating, watching football, enjoying time with family

Friday: Begin Christmas decorating, welcome Santa at the town square, enjoying time with family

Saturday: Tree Farm

Sunday: Prep for month ahead. You see, until finals finish up we kick back into high gear for a few weeks. This year we will be adding Hosting Staff Christmas and attending our first Elementary music performance to the list of other holiday craziness. See you in a week! :)

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