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Monday, November 1, 2010

Week in Review

Man oh Man, I'm looking forward to a less hectic week, but to be honest, I'm not sure it will be this week!

ANYWAY: for those of you enjoying a glimpse into a college football coach's wife's's last week in review:

Sat 23rd: Game 3 hours away, travel to game, watch game won, travel home from game, sleep
Sun 24th: church, start cooking, players for dinner, crash
Mon 25th: workout, CLEAN, get organized for week
Tues 26: drive player at 4:30 am to hospital for ankle surgery, arrive home from hospital 6:00, choke down dinner, change, run to school for kindergarden teacher conference. Arrive home, clean, crash
Wed 27: call player 7am to find out he's being discharged, drop off kids at school at 8, head to hospital, home w/player by 3pm, see kids, get dinner together, entertain player while monitoring pain and making sure he's taking the right meds at the right time...introduce med chart to the picture
Thurs 28: kids to school, workout, grocery store, cvs, pick up player from other coach's house, review needs for weekend, pack for trip to Metrodome, pack car, run errands, pick up kids, final check on player camped on couch, head to Chicago (4 hour trip takes 6hrs)
Fri 29: wake at 3:30 am to kid screaming, 5 am shower, get kids dressed, head to Minneapolis w/kids and Nana for Championship Game in Metrodome. See husband soaked w/water after winning game, conference title and smile. 11pm: kids and Nana to bed at hotel, hang out with player's parents, answer lots of play off/victory bowl questions, see hubby for first time awake all week.
Sat 30: MALL OF AMERICA, head back to Chicago
Sun 31: HOME
Mon 1: last game this weekend, senior day and end of the year celebration Sunday...start preparing!

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