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Friday, October 15, 2010

This week in review:

This has been a pretty crazy week, and with homecoming this weekend it isn't going to lighten up. For my own memories (my mind is growing dimmer and dimmer these days :)) I thought it might be fun to recount a week in the life of a college football coach (although, it may not resemble any other you may know! :))

Let's see, this last weekend was a 4 day weekend for the kiddos and the hubs was on the road to Duluth (13 hrs north). SO, we made the most of it and crammed in a whole bunch of fall events:
-getting costumes, pumpkin patch, making pumpkin bagels and scones, winter clothes shopping
-family pictures were Sunday afternoon (they rocked!)
-big time play date Monday with a friend we hardly see

-kiddos in school again (yeah!) 3 hours to put the house back together and work out:
wound up adding baking for this coming weekend as it's my only day before Friday!
more homemade bagels and pumpkin scones, over night caramel rolls, mocha hazelnut muffins, and dinner.

squeeze in a conversation with my sis-in-law and then help the kiddos burn energy from being in school all day

Great work out, Bible Study then grabbed kiddo #2 and headed 30 min away to return shoes, grab lunch and hit walmart on the way home. Arrive home just in time to start laundry, put food away and grab kiddo #1. We all have a bunch of energy and it's great weather so we head to practice. We haven't seen much of Daddy this week yet, so at least we can watch him work! Practice was just winding down, it was the last play of the 7 on 7 and then, it all went wrong. Long story short, I ended up in the ER with a player who received a season ending injury. Even a mid-20 something male needs a mama sometimes, and that was my role. Wiping the tears, holding his hand, advocating for parents who were hundreds of miles away. Waiting by the phone to see if I would need to relieve my exhausted husband who rode in the ambulance 45 miles away so our guy wouldn't be alone. 12:30...everyone is back in town, and we rehash the events and try to plan for Thurs. I know I'm going to be busy, so sleep escapes me.

I manage to get the kiddos to school before the tardy bell, and then the running around begins. I have 3 hours to get our player all he needs until I can be back with him at 3, work out, and get cleaned up. Success with one exception, I have forgotten to eat. (oh well!) I find myself spending the afternoon sewing up torn jerseys from Saturday's game...that team played dirty! 8 jerseys sewen up good as new (until the next away game I'm sure) and just in time to send them back to the office with the hubby who ran in for a late lunch. Kiddo #1 is home, we run out the door grab the promise DQ for our player from the night before and head out to cheer him up and play a few games of Go Fish. We discuss impending surgery and in my head I know I will be spending the day at the hospital in the near future. We walk in just in time for me to throw a quick dinner together for the kiddos, give instructions to the babysitter and run out for date night. Tonights challenge: don't talk about our injured player, the kids, or the upcoming homecoming festivities. (fairly successful)

What's to come:
stamping workshop
4:30, 7pm Dig Pink VB games

alumni events starting at 9am (kiddos head to breakfast with the team), our game is at 1pm, twins 1st birthday at 5pm for good friends, and somewhere in there grabbing a few meals

breakfast with the in-laws, lunch with major donors, OLine for dinner

put the house back together! :)

SO, I'll admit the ER event was not a normal occurance. But honestly, that's prob. the only thing that was different. We are often at other athletic events and practice throughout the week. Feels like a lot, reads like a lot, wouldn't change a second of it!

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