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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Homemade for the Holidays:Bath Salts/Body Scrub

Last year I made up these bath salts for stocking stuffers. I used this recipe here. As you can see I was able to put them in cool glass medicine bottles. These would also store well in a mason jar. All the ingredients were very easy to find. The essential oils were purchased at a health food store and were the pricey part of this project. You can also purchase scented epsom salts, and that would cut down the cost. I chose both lavendar and lemongrass scents.

There are several ways to make bath salts. I chose not to add baby oil to make this more versatile. The tag has instructions on the back stating that you can add to a warm bath OR you can add 1 part salts to 2 parts baby oil to create a salt scrub for elbows, heels, or hands.

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