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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bzz Report: Elmer's Glue and X-ACTO tools

I received a box the other day with all the fun card making supplies you see in this picture. I was very excited to test them all out. I've been an Elmer's fan since grad school and so I knew it was a brand I would easily be able to promote. X-ACTO wasn't a company I had heard of before, but now after trying the products I'm happy to report I would highly recommend these items as well.

I found the glue sticks to work just as you would expect. They did a great job of holding the cardstock together and were mess free to work with. I liked the dual tip of the craft bond and found it to be helpful in keeping crafts neat. I was VERY pleased with the glue dots. I found them to be easy to use and much tackier then other brands I have used. The glue tape worked well. I really liked that the packaging showed how thick the strip of glue tape is.

The products I liked the most was the X-ACTO corner punch. As you can see it has nice sturdy sides to the card stock will stay in place while punching. Also, I rounded corner came out clean and sharp.

I found the Decorative Edge Scissors to be very sharp. They easily sliced through the card stock I selected. One thing about the scissors is that it was hard to get a clean cut the second time through. I find this to be true of all scissors like this.

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