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Friday, September 24, 2010

Movie Review: The Way Home

The Way Home is a very sweet, true story about one family's terrifying day when their 2 year old son wandered off. The story is a simple one, distracted parent doesn't notice as child wanders off. What makes this story so unique is what is pointed out in the movie. This story is a testimony to this town's desire to help a child in need, and show Christ's Love through action. This story goes further to show the continuing life change of Randy Simpkins. This father took the wake up call that was placed in front of him and chose to put God first, then serve his family, then the community who had served him on such a terrifying day. Like most movies in this genera the acting at times wasn't the greatest. The story does an excellent job of putting the viewer in the parent's heads and understanding the agony they were going through. The child who played Joe did an excellent job and made the scenes more believable. I personally enjoyed this story not only from a parent's perspective, but from a perspective of the lost sheep. This story isn't unique, it is how God treats each of his lost children. The ache is greater then we could imagine, and the celebration when we are found is amazing. I would suggest this movie as one to watch!

I reviewed this book for Tommy Nelson Publishers, I was not compensated in anyway other then a free copy of the movie, these are my own opinions.

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