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Friday, August 20, 2010

Book Review: Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World

This is the first book by Dr. David Jeremiah that I have read, although I have heard his sermons numerous times. This book seems to be an extension of What in the World is Going On? Having not read the first, that is what I surmised from the introduction and references.

Most people these days would probably agree that we are currently living in a state of chaos. Life that has become stressful with job loss, cancer, retirement finances being threatened. We are even living in what has been called a "housing crisis". I found this book to be very encouraging. In a crisis situation most people what to know what action can be taken. Often times the response is "just pray" or "all we can do is wait". Dr. Jeremiah offers very practical actions we can do on a daily basis. Each chapter discusses something we as Americans can do to ride out this awful chapter we are living through by stating something to do. Jeremiah then goes on to show where in scripture we can find an example of Jesus or another Biblical figure living out that action. Finally, Jeremiah gives life examples of how to live out those examples in present day. Not all actions are easy, in fact some are just plain challenging, yet this doesn't make them any less important or relevant. I think that some might look at part of this book as a "What Would Jesus Do?" rephrased. All the actions discussed are things Jesus would do, they are true and relevant things that will help us stand out as a light in a dark I guess, in a why they would be right...this book is still worth reading!

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