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Friday, July 23, 2010

Wall art

Recently we had the majority of our home repainted on the inside. This gave me an opportunity to re-do some areas that I felt needed an update. This specific wall is one of my easiest re-do's yet. I got the idea from my friend Carrie who did this on wall in their home to a much larger scale. She was generous enough to give me her left over materials, so this whole project cost me $3 to make. All I had to do was buy the scrapbook paper and hanging brackets. I already had ModPog glue and the brown paint to paint the edges. It took me about 30 minutes to do this projects.

Carrie went to the local lumber yard and asked them
to cut 12 x 12 squares of MDF about 1 inch thick. She sprayed her paper with poly spray, I used the glue because it was what I had. If you use the glue be cautious not to use too much as the paper will bubble. This is the link that inspired Carrie.

Blissfully Domestic made a version as well using canvas

You could simply frame the paper also. Thought you might enjoy seeing Carrie's finished product as well!
I love the papers she picked!

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