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Friday, July 16, 2010

Book Review: The Uncommon Woman

On our recent trip to Colorado I had the opportunity to wander through 2 different Christian Book Stores. For me it was like a little piece of heaven. For some reason it is so much more fun to wander down an isle, find a book, pick it up and flip through it before purchasing it. This book was a great pick for me and I highly recommend it.

I haven't ever read any other books by this author Susie Larson but from what I can gather she has had some major life events happen, and has been able to grow through all of them. I appreciate learning from others and applying things to my own life.

This particular book had many principles I have heard about and some I have applied to my own life already. What I appreciated about this book is that although it is less then 200 pages it has all the principles to challenge women to be their best in one handbook. Each chapter ends with a prayer, application and several verses in the Bible to study and explore further.

Larson covers issues specific to women such as forgiveness, choosing battles wisely, finding our identity in Christ, and focusing on choices that will make us uncommon in a common world. Larson's overall points are structured in an order that make it easy to understand the steps necessary along the journey in growing deeper in relationship with God. Larson makes an excellent comparison to seasons of life and walking through each in a different way.

Over all Larson states the obvious that is so often overlooked. Women can be very mean. Whether out of jealousy or a survivors instinct, women attack other women and do it in the most vicious, cruel ways and often times mask it as serving the Lord, or representing Christ. Choosing to be an uncommon woman truly involves representing Christ and also means being the best you. Being kind to your friends, loving to your family, and someone you can look at in the mirror and be proud of. The fact is that no one is perfect and we are all going to experience times where we don't act our best. Larson's point is "We would do well to remember that some women who are currently the delicious topic of conversations are actually in their refining time. God is getting ready to promote them. We will be held accountable for how we speak about the Lord's annointed, whether she is hiding in a cave or crawling through a valley. Our time would be much better serves as God's precious, uncommon women if we were to pour our energy, our passion, and our words into prayers for people and the things we notice about them."

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