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Friday, July 16, 2010

Book Review: Transforming Together

Mentoring is something I have been involve in both as a mentor and mentee in one form or another since high school. I'm always interested to hear from others on this subject that is a large part of my life.

Ele Parrott presents this book as being a guide on how to mentor. From the back cover "Transforming Together presents a model for genuine spiritual mentoring through the power and work of Christ in the lives of women faithfully pouring into one another..Ele will equip you with what you need to believe that any woman can be an effective and powerful spiritual mentor."

Over all, the majority of what Parrott presents is not anything I haven't read or heard before. She is very clear (and I agree) that mentoring is about partnering with the Holy Spirit for the good of the mentee. She states over and over and over her routine for beginning the mentoring process. 1) she is approached 2) they both pray for a week about it 3) they meet a Starbucks and read though the book of John. Ele is very clear over and over and over and over that her role is to listen, read the book of John, listen, pray and give advice only when asked.

Although I didn't disagree with Parrott's presentation of a specific type of mentoring, that is exactly what this is, one specific type of mentoring. If someone were to exclusively read this book on the subject I feel that they would have an extremely limited and narrow view of a very broad topic.

Although I did glean a few grains of wisdom, this book isn't one I would purchase. I think it is library worthy. Over all, I felt that there was an air of bragging in the book. Each chapter was filled with "I do this, I say this, listen to my words" and not very much about God. The final chapter was a survey done by the women she is mentoring. I think we can all understand that the women she is mentoring value her and her time, they were incredibly flattering and although I'm sure they were truthful, I think this chapter was unnecessary and with it being the last one it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Parrott's afterword addresses this specific thing siteing that if there is a negative understanding of the book the reader should pray about it, "Pray for insight to glean something helpful". This isn't a book I would recommend reading.

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