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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Product Shout Out

Trader Joe's Multi-Grain Pancake Mix

My kids LOVE pancakes and waffles. I love for my kids to eat healthy. One of my favorite "go to" items at Trader Joe's is their Multi-Grain Pancake Mix. You get 6 cups of mix for $1.99. The mix has corn meal, whole wheat flour, oat meal and other flours. It can be a bit hearty. Generally I make a whole box of mix at once, add an extra half cup of milk then the directions state and add a large can of pureed pumpkin to it. I make piles and pile of pancakes and waffles, freeze them, and my family happily eats them for about a month for breakfast. I have also on occasion added cinnamon and nutmeg to help draw out the pumpkin flavor. This does take a bit of work, but considering it can cost over $2 for 10 microwave pancakes, it's worth a try!

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