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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Movie Review: Bibleman

BibleMan Powersource Combating the Commandment of Confusion is the first BibleMan movie our family has ever watched. Because I the age is geared for 6-10 year olds I wasn't sure if our almost 5 year old would be interested. I was wrong. The cover shows what looks to be people with light sabers and really, that was all it took for my son to beg me for 2 days to watch the "new movie" with him. I wanted to watch it by myself first and so last night I did. I was really not impressed. The DVD itself is very poorly put together with way to many advertisements. Overall I felt that the editing was terrible. Since you are watching a play it isn't going to be the best quality to begin with, but several times the screen would flash to a large blank screen of a picture of a computer "UNICE" while the action was in a very small box in the far left bottom. Not only did this make it hard to follow the story, but it was hard to see what was actually going on in the scene. Certainly if this was shown on a car dvd screen it would be impossible to see anything. All that said, there were some very good things about this DVD. The first is that BibleMan made sure to be very clear that as heros we don't fight people. This is a great thing for kids to hear. I did not like that when referencing Satan they often gave him many catchy names. I did like that when the characters were fighting they were repeating over and over a variety of Bible Verses. Both boys (3 and almost 5) caught on immediately to that and began to repeat the verses as well. I REALLY appreciated that references were given as well. I also appreciated that they took the time to define sin "a bad choice that separates us from God". By the end of the play our oldest boy was pretending to be Bibleman and shouting the Bible verses along with the characters asking for the exact words. Really, that made it worth it. I don't know that I would purchase a Bibleman DVD, but I will certainly rent them or check them out from our church library. Any tool that gets your children trying to memorize scripture is priceless. As an added feature the DVD had a section where you could learn all the words to their featured song. Of course, the kids lived that. Also, there was section where they talked about the way they were trained to do the fighting scenes and they went over the basic moves. My 5 year old may be slightly to young to catch on to this section, but in a year or so I think he would and it may even be helpful in keeping his play acting safe! Over all, it was pretty corny. I give it 3 out of 5 stars.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this DVD for free from Tommy Nelson Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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