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Monday, August 10, 2009

Picking Green beans!

I have been blessed with very generous friends with green thumbs. This is the result of about an hour of picking green beans the other night. I didn't even make it half way down 1 of the 4 rows my girlfriend has and she's expecting one more bloom! Needless to say, I'll be looking for green bean recipes in the near future. :)


  1. Ok, now I "need" to know which gal pal is expecting...girl you know you don't drop hints like that ;)

  2. Danica, I meant one more bloom of green beans...hmmm any reason why you are thinking others are pregnant? :)

  3. No Beth, that's a far off thought in our lives. We would like to make it through these "trying two's" before adding to our brood. :) Not to mention all the weight I'd like to lose before adding a baby to this body. So we'll be a family of 3 for a while. {You have to go back and ready that sentence...I read the whole thing and was about to leave your site and was like "wait, expecting??" So I went back and read it again and was like "hmmm, maybe Beth is getting creative and sneaky and referring to someone expecting" Clearly I don't know much about beans ;)}