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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Beth Moore Chapter 6

Finally! I'm back in a routine and had enough time to actually finish my Beth Moore study!

Week 6 covers Psalm 133 and 134. I have to say, 133 is probably my favorite, at least right now. 133 is short, clear, and packs a big punch. Basically, be at peace with each other. Simple. Life will be smoother, and you will have more time to do God's work, if you don't have to spend energy fighting. Moore makes the hilarious and all to true point that even when we are excited to see each other, after a little while we are reminded of all those irritating personality traits again. :)

These were the last 2 Psalms quoted before entering the temple, how appropriate that the last thing we are reminded of (which is usually the most remembered) is to be at peace.

Finally, a blessing on Zion. How exciting it must have been to repeat that Psalm knowing a blessing from the priest was coming!

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