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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today's Deals

I have to say, this week has been a little slow in the deal area.  I did take advantage of the Walgreens/Huggies deal.   I have a girlfriend who is having a baby soon.  So, I had 2 $5 coupons and the diapers were on sale for $10 per pack plus you got $10 back on $25 spent.  So, I got her 2 packs for free (after register rewards) and some overnights for Elijah.  I also had a coupon for Irish Spring body wash.  It was on sale an then a coupon for a free body wash printed out.  I took the $10 and after an inventory of our toiletries realized we are stocked for about 6 mo. at this point all accept for my body wash.  This week there was a deal with Dove where products were 25% off.  I got the free Irish Spring wash and 2 dove body washes for $2 oop.  I didn't try to roll the Walgreens register rewards because I have to drive 30 min to get to a Walgreens and didn't want the pressure of wasting "free $".

While I was at Walgreens (with coupons in hand) I took some time to browse the isles.  Man was I glad I did.  I received several tuna coupons from Vocalpoint awhile back for $1 off a package of tuna.  Last week, the sale I have been holding out was finally there!  Tuna for $1.29/pk.  That allowed me to get 7 pkgs. of tuna at 29 cents a pack!!!!

So, this was a shopping trip out of my comfort zone for sure, but it was successful.  I guess the moral of the story :) is try new stores and see, but always with coupons in hand!

I have run across 2 recipes recently for homemade household goods I'm going to try soon:

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