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Monday, March 23, 2009

A cool deal

So, my birthday is coming up soon.  Normally I don't make a big deal (although I am quick to tell anyone who asks that a birthday is your day to be celebrated and you should be.)  Anyway, After my hubby spent last week on a missions trip leaving me home alone with our 3 and 2 year old...I decided to make sure I got a sweet date night out close to the big day.

SOOOO...I went to ebates, found that they are giving 15% cash back on purchases and there was a coupon for purchase of a $25 certificate for $4.  I found a restaurant I was interested in, read all the fine print and purchased it.  When I went to do so, I realized that paypal is one of the options for purchasing.  AND, I had enough in my paypal account from the money I've earned on this blog to pay for the gift certificate.  Thanks readers!

Now, this process took a few extra steps.  BUT, I paid $4 instead of $10, and am getting 15% of that back.  Plus, I didn't even see the $ because it was sitting in my paypal account.  I think it was worth it considering the entire process including scheduling a reservation and printing out a map took 20 minutes.

Our regular babysitter is scheduled, she babysits in exchange for doing her laundry and getting a home cooked meal.  So, for under $25 (I'm guessing after viewing the menu) we should have a great night out!

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