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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Toy Review

Really, this is not a toy, but has been a huge hit in our family.  Highlights magazine has a younger version called High Five.  Our son who is 3 1/2 and his cousin about the same age have both been getting this magazine for a little over a year.  Today is a perfect example of what happens.  
Me:Oh, Elijah, your magazine is here
E: Really!  Yeah!  Let's do the I Spy (hidden pictures page)
Me: ok

We then sit down, have to read the magazine cover to cover (starting with Hidden Pictures) and he will do the same with his babysitter this afternoon, and Daddy later tonight.  We've kept the back issues and I often find one in E's bed after he wakes in the morning.  He has memorized where all the shapes are on Hidden Pictures, and loves the "That's Silly" page, the stories, and many of the activities.  This makes a great Christmas gift.  It's something they get all year.

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