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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today's Deals

Target Deal alert from Deal Seeking Mom.

I went to Trader Joe's yesterday.  It was quite the trip as what is normally an hour drive was 9o minutes each way.  I had good company and was without kids, so really, it was fine. :)

I found chicken sausages there 5 for $3.50 in 7 varieties.  This is $1.50 less then Walmart, and you get an extra sausage.

I also got 8 whole wheat pitas for $1.60, much less then closer area stores.

My Better n' Peanut butter that I live on is $3.99/jar there, as opposed to $8!!! per jar at Dierbergs.

Trader Joe's also has a great price on dried fruits and wonderful variety.  

They also have a great Multigrain Pancake Mix for $1.99.  I made the whole box last night with a can of pumpkin and made 30 belgin waffles (thanks Patty!) and the boys are eating them up.

A new thing I found to try is premade, precooked frozen turkey meatballs.  I know some of you just groaned, how could I not make these from scratch!!!  I do, but takes a lot of time, and these are a healthy option in a pinch, or when it's just me and the kiddos.

So, even though it took me half a day to get this shopping done, we split gas, had a fun time chatting, and I stocked up on some items that I would love to make "staples" in our house, or less!

What do you like at Trader Joes?

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