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Monday, February 16, 2009

Today's Deals

I tried a few CVS deals today, and none of them worked!   SOOOOO...I'll give you some other fun ones I took advantage of.

REI has a clearance price on a stainless steal water bottle.  We travel a lot, and this is really exciting to find so inexpensively.  I took advantage of free in store pick up for a total savings of over $22.  In addition, I picked up a Guyot Designs removable filter so that we can drink tap water without hesitating.

Also, because I do Weight Watchers  and we live in a small town, I've found some ways to save on points online.  Fiber Gourmet Pasta company has an awesome deal right now and I took advantage!  I cook my pasta separate from the rest of the family and do a combo with casseroles.

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